32" Telac Panel PC 5

32" Telac Panel Pc 5
32" Telac Panel Pc 5

32" Telac Panel PC 5


Telac Panel PC för wayfinding och infodesk.

  • Modell: TPPC5-32

  • IP klassificering: IP65 i fronten

  • Touch: P-CAP

  • Skärm: 32” True Flat LCD

  • Prestanda: Intel SKylake S CPU, 4GB Ram, 60GB SSD/320GB HDD

  • 3 års garanti

  • EMC-B

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Reliability, functionality, accuracy, hygiene, performance efficiency and cost effectiveness are all synonyms for hardware solutions when it comes to interactive information, digital signage, kiosks, and medical equipment. Whether looking for panel PC solutions for mission critical or non-critical environments, at Telac, we understand the importance of providing the optimal panel PC system that suits an array of applications..