Telac Elektronik AB

OEM/ODM and EMS Supplier of HMI & IoT solutions

Project Management:

Our Project Managers will work together with your team to create a transparent and “easy to follow” project plan, you will always have a direct contact with a Project Manager to make sure all critical information is passed directly to the person who will execute the work to minimize the risk for misunderstandings. We work with Agile methodologies to make sure all involved parties have 100% insight in the project and a good dialog can be had during the entire process.



In addition to our own products and brands we offer our long experience with sourcing and manufacturing to give our customers and partners the ability to create their own brands and products. We believe our long experience will help you lower the overall cost and development time needed while also increasing quality and value.

We also offer sourcing and manufacturing of your designs. If you need assistance with your electronic designs our team of engineers are available to help. We have production facilities in Sweden, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Netherlands and China.



Our philosophy is to work in a way that ensures a mutually beneficial partnership with all of our customers and partners. Everyone in our organization always thinks “long-term” about every decision they make. We will go the extra mile and never leave anything unfinished. 



We offer production and customizations according to your needs in-house. We have a broad range of partners and suppliers to help you reach your goals. We constantly evaluate new business relationships to make sure we always offer the best solution. We want to grow together with our long-term customers and partners.


Service and Support:

We know that any downtime is a big problem for our customers which is why we offer repairs for all of our products in-house, you never have to wait for complicated RMA processes and long repairs times from Asia when you trust us to manage your projects. In most cases we will return your repaired product within 2 days. We also offer Swap units that you keep in your stock for business critical equipment. We are always just a phone call away to help you with your urgent needs.



We do all sourcing and planning for your projects according to your needs. We offer a flexible and transparent work flow where we always aim to exceed your expectations.